Cure Hepatitis C

Cure Hepatitis C

How New Revolutionary Medicines Cure Hepatitis C?

A few years back, it was painful to treat Hepatitis C because of painful injections and treatment techniques. In addition, there were with several side-effects. But today, we have a number of medicines that can treat the infection easily and pose negligible side-effects. These medicines are not just easy to take, but also work faster than traditional treatment methods. In just a few weeks, a patient of Hepatitis C could eliminate the infection.

Hepatitis C expert believe the new drugs have revolutionized the way Hepatitis C is treated. The new drugs are effective and secure to take, as per infectious disease expert Camilla Graham from Harvard Medical School. The American Liver Foundation (ALF) have also found the drugs beneficial and advised people with Hepatitis C to treat their disease on time. If early symptoms are neglected, the infection could lead to serious health problems, such as liver damage, cancer, cirrhosis and many other liver problems, noted the non-profit organization.

A WHO report has suggested that around 500,000 people with Hepatitis C around the world die every year. The health organization has also reported that about 150 million individuals worldwide have caught the infection.

Hepatitis C Is Called ‘Silent-killer’. Why?

Many health experts have designated Hepatitis C as a silent killer because the infection comes with no easy-to-notice symptoms. For many years, patients do not recognize its signs and live without a cure. When they start noticing the symptoms, they already develop serious issues like cancer or liver damage. ALF has suggested that people should be ready to act when they notice symptoms like weight loss, itching and jaundice.

A report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also disclosed that people who were born between 1945 and 1965 could be at higher risk of developing the infection. In addition, people who shared contaminated needles and whose mother had Hepatitis C could also develop the infection, as per the agency.

The CDC believes that the US has over 3 million Hepatitis C patients, and most of them aren’t aware of their condition. The only way to get it treated on time is by testing it within time.

Hepatitis C Cure: How It Changed With Time?

For many years, doctors treated Hepatitis C with painful procedures that had many side-effects. In addition, their success rates were also very low. Hepatologist Ibrahim Hanouneh from Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic said that for around two decades, Hepatitis C patients were forced to follow painful treatment procedures. To boost immune system and make it powerful enough to deal with the infection, injections of pegylated interferon were used.

But today’s medicines, which are taken as pills, are more effective, trustworthy and faster than traditional methods, said Hanouneh. These medicines are with negligible side-effects and attack the virus in the most suitable way.

Modern Hepatitis C drugs have high success rates, over 90%, when it is about treating genotype 1, said David Thomas of Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore. But patients of genotype 3 hepatitis C infection are still looking for effective medicines, added Thomas, who is also a Infectious Disease Society of America spokesperson.

Curing Hepatitis C: What May Happen?

According to Graham, a person is declared as cured if he or she gives a sustained virological response or SVR. SVR refers to the absence of virus in the blood of a person 12 to 24 weeks after being treated for Hepatitis C. However, according to Thomas, the ‘cure’ of Hepatitis C refers to the infection specifically even if there may still be some underlying liver damage. Thus, he implies that even if a person with Cirrohosis is cured of Hepatitis C, he or she still has Cirrohosis.

Overall, the new treatments are well accepted by people despite some common side effects such as nausea, headache, diarrhea, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping. The only downfall of the new medications is high price which can reach up to $100,000 per person according to the drug regimen and length of the treatment. Graham says that two more drug makers may also bring new Hepatitis C drug regimes in near future.

Hepatitis C Treatment Expenses

Treatment of Hepatitis C with new drugs can be a very expensive deal. Instead of spending a fortune on these medications, ask your health insurance company for programs you can benefit from and get financial aid from your insurer for your treatment.

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