Can You Cure Hep C

Can You Cure Hep C

Not at all like Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, an immunization for Hepatitis C is not accessible.

Be that as it may, treatment choices are accessible and Hepatitis C might be cured (or cleared from the body).


What Are My Options for Treatment?

Treatment for Hepatitis C relies on upon a few elements, including:

  • How much infection is in your body (your viral load)
  • The genotype or strain of Hepatitis C you have
  • On the off chance that you have liver harm, for example, cirrhosis
  • What other wellbeing conditions you have
  • Your reaction to any past medicines for Hepatitis C



A larger part of individuals with an acute Hepatitis C disease regularly don’t know they have the infection and along these lines don’t get treated. In any case, if a man understands that they may have been presented to the infection – like a medicinal services specialist who gets a needle stick – an intense Hepatitis C contamination can be distinguished early and solution might be prescribed.

Specialists at times simply prescribe bed rest, drinking bunches of liquids, eating a solid eating routine, and maintaining a strategic distance from liquor. You should see your specialist frequently for follow-up blood tests to ensure your body has completely recouped from the infection.


Chronic Hepatitis C is characterized by the nearness of the hepatitis C infection (HCV) for 6 months or more. Many individuals as of now have Chronic Hepatitis C when they’re initially analyzed in light of the fact that they were accidentally contaminated with the infection numerous years back. Your social insurance supplier will assess you to decide how much harm, or scarring, is available in your liver.

On the off chance that you have serious scarring (cirrhosis), treatment with antiviral drugs will by and large be suggested. In the event that you have little to mellow scarring (early stage fibrosis), you ought to in any case consider Hepatitis C treatment to stay away from the long haul entanglements of the infection, despite the fact that you may not be at hazard for a long time. Truth be told, with the coming of shorter, less demanding, and more viable treatment regimens, everybody ought to consider getting treated. Talk about the dangers and advantages of seeking after treatment with your medicinal services supplier.

The Hepatitis C infection is viewed as “cured” if the infection is not recognized in your blood when measured with a blood test 3 months after treatment is finished. This is known as a supported virologic reaction (SVR) and information propose that you will stay infection free inconclusively.

Attempt to keep yourself as solid as would be prudent, keep your therapeutic arrangements and get customary registration. Keep in mind that you could move toward becoming re-contaminated on the off chance that you open yourself to high-hazard circumstances, for example, infusion sedate utilize, thus do everything conceivable to dodge these circumstances. Talk with a substance mishandle advocate if necessary.