Buy Hepcvir L USA

Buy Hepcvir L USA

Treatment of Hepatitis C Through Hepcvir L Drug In USA

Hepatitis C is a growing burden on the healthcare industry worldwide, affecting about 185 million people globally. In the United States alone, about 3.5 million people are estimated to be living with chronic Hepatitis C. This rising spread of the disease has naturally put a great load on the health care sector as well.

Drug for treating Hepatitis C

A couple of years ago, Heaptitis C was treated through weekly injections of ribavirin and pegylated interferon. Drug manufacturers started producing substitutes of this treatment as it was only 50% effective coupled with severe side effects. This gave rise to a number of oral drugs and tablets in the USA, with 80%-95% efficiency rate. Hepcivir L is one such drug prescribed extensively for the treatment of Hepatitis C.

Hepcvir L is a fixed-dose combination (FDC) oral therapy used for curing chronic Hepatitis C genotype 1 patients. The combination consists of ledipasvir and sofosbuvir, which are antiviral agents that directly act against the Hepatitis C virus (HCV).


The only drawback to the treatment using this drug is its heavy pricing. The standard treatment course of the disease, involving a three month supply of the drugs, can cost between $80,000 and $120,000. Due to this, many Medicaid programs and insurance companies limited the treatment to only those who had a severe case of liver disease.

Recommended option of medical tourism

Though one can buy Hepcvir L in USA at a hefty price, those who cannot afford the treatment can adopt the option of medical tourism and get treated at another country at a affordableer rate. One can refer to the services of various companies offering medical tourism; Surcation® being one such company. One can travel to countries such as India with Surcation® and get the treatment for Hepatitis C at an affordable rate.

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