Buy Hepcvir L India

Buy Hepcvir L India

Affordable source of Hepcvir drug


The spread of the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is increasing day by day with more people becoming aware of the disease. The disease has affected around 185 million people in the world, with 12-18 million infected in India alone. The treatment of the disease included weekly injections of ribavirin and pegylated interferon, a treatment which was not very effective in treating the disease efficiently and caused a number of side effects.

What is Hepcvir L?


In response to the earlier ineffective treatments, drug manufacturers introduced a Ledipasvir -Sofosbuvir oral combination drug as an effective tool for relieving people with genotype 1 Hepatitis C virus. The drug comprises of 40mg Ledipasvir and 400mg of Sofosbuvir. Though this drug, Hepcvir L, is highly effective, it is heavily priced in a majority of countries. India is one of the few countries which provide the drug Hepcvir drug at a affordableer rate when compared to that in other developed countries.

Where to get it?


After bringing accessible and affordable medicines for treating diseases such as AIDS and Heoatitis B, the global pharmaceutical company Cipla Ltd launched the generic drug Ledipasvir -Sofosbuvir in India under the brand name of Hepcvir-L. Reducing the dependence on injectables, this drug marks a new era in the domain of oral medicines used for the treatment of Hepatitis C.

You can buy Hepcvir L in India at an affordable rate. A bottle of 28 tablets of the drug can cost just about Rs. 25,000. This price is very low when compared to the price it is available for in various other countries.

Recommended source for other countries
If you reside in another country and want to buy the drug at an affordable rate from India, you can contact a medical tourism company which will handle your specified treatment for you. Surcation is one such company you can refer to which provides the service at a good price and takes care of all the expenses from travelling to treatment.

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