Buy Hepcinat LP India

Buy Hepcinat LP India

Availability Of Hepcinat LP In India


Medical tourism has seen a boom specially in recent years, and there are nowadays a large number of companies providing and promoting medical tourism. Sometimes it becomes necessary to travel from one’s place of residence to a place where one can avail the benefits of affordable and best medical treatment. It has been a practiced since ages to travel in search for better options, same is the case with medications, when affordable or better medications are not available at one’s place of residence.

Hepatitis C is one of those deadly diseases which are taking up their toll. Although a number of medicines have been discovered to treat Hepatitis C, still there is no one medicine that can be claimed to completely cure this disease. The medicines known to cure this disease are available throughout the world; however the prices differ from country to country. For a middle class family it becomes really difficult sometimes to bear the medical expenses. In such situations people prefer traveling to countries where rates of such medications and treatment are affordable. The term used to describe this process of traveling to other countries to avail medical services there is known as medical tourism.

This term is widely put to use these days, instead of spending lakhs on the treatment, people prefer traveling to other countries to avail the affordable medical care and treatment available there. In fact there are a number of companies that promote the medical tourism nowadays. Surcation® is one of them, where one can get all the information regarding travels due to medical reasons. In India a large number of people travel from around the globe every year specially to get the treatment for Hepatitis C. Hepnicat LP known to treat Hepatitis C is available in India at a rate affordable than other countries, therefore people prefer traveling to India instead.

What Is Hepcinat LP And Important Information Related To It

The blockbusters medicine belonging to Natco Pharma Ltd of India, Hepcinat LP is an effective treatment against Hepatitis C genotype 1 and 4. The drug is a combination of sofosbuvir and ledipasvir which already have been approved by FDA and EASL. It contains 90mg Ledipasvir and 400mg Sofosbuvir. Clinical trials on Hepcinat LP have found that using the drug over a course of 84-days could cure the infection.

How Hepcinat LP Works?

Hepcinat LP contains sofosbuvir and ledipasvir whose combination targets specific proteins involved in viral replication, and works to stop the infection. In the clinical trials, the process came up with high success rate.

Benefits of Hepcinat LP

  • Hepcinat LP is a prescription medicine, which is a combination of anti-viral drugs- Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir- that have been found effective in treating Hepatitis C genotype 1.
  • If the medicine is taken as prescribed by an expert, then it could come up with effective results. Trials have showed that Hepcinat LP may have a cure rate of more than 90% for patients of Hepatitis C Genotype 1.
  • The drug helps in preventing the virus from multiplying in a patient’s body by weakening the virus.

Things To Remember While Taking Hepcinat LP

Although Hepcinat LP is an effective cure against chronic Hepatitis C, there are some rules before taking the drug. It should be taken only after prescriptions from an expert on the infection. It addition, it should be taken in the correct dosage. Other steps to remember are:

  • In case of any side-effects, one should consult their doctor immediately. It would be great if they are receiving treatment from a hospital or a doctor who is experienced in the field.
  • A patient should avoid taking the medicine if they are pregnant.
  • The drug should not be combined with any other Antacids.
  • The drug should be bought from a place well-known for treating the infection.

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