Buy Hepatitis C Medicine from India

Buy Hepatitis C Medicine from India



Hepatitis C is a viral infection that causes serious damage to the liver as the infection gets severe. It is a disease that is contagious by contact of the blood to blood from the infected to healthy persons. The basic symptoms include nausea, sleeplessness, fatigue and others and the chronic effects are liver damage and cirrhosis of the liver.

Vaccines are not invented for this disease and thus there are no medications that help in preventing oneself from getting affected by the disease. However one can be careful as to not to come into contact with the blood of the infected persons and also avoid sharing needles and other injections with patients affected by the disease. There are two patented drugs that are believed to bring about 90% of cure to this disease which was considered life threatening.

The treatment for this infection seems to be very expensive in countries outside India. Medical expenses that would cost up to $90000 in the United States and over €50000 in the European Union is available at a fraction of the cost in India. It costs just about $1000 or even lesser. This is because of the medical world and the competition between manufacturers and the idea to bring it about as a generic medicine to make it available for all classes of people. People from countries where treatment is rationed by the government, are traveling to India to buy hepatitis C medicine from India. There are many leading pharmaceutical companies that are licensed to manufacture the drug. Also when one wants to buy the Hepatitis C medicine from India, he/she should have a valid prescription from an Indian physician. People willing to purchase the medicine alone may also do so. But when selecting the online pharmacist, one should be very careful not to get caught in any kind of scam or defaulting website. In case it is a genuine online pharmacy, then there is no doubt that the cure for the deadly disease would be delivered at the doorstep of the patient.

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