Buy Harvoni From India

Buy Harvoni From India

How To Buy Harvoni® From India

According to World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than 130 million patients of Hepatitis C in the world, and many of them don’t know about their condition. It is because Hepatitis C is a silent disease and doesn’t show symptoms at early stages. When patients come to know about the infection, they develop serious issues with their liver. But big relief is that we have Harvoni®, a pill that acts against the infection, to fight the disease.

However things weren’t favorable a few years back when we had limited, painful Hepatitis C treatment options. Patients with the condition had to use painful injections that came with several side-effects. In addition, those traditional treatment procedures were with minimal success rate. But a number of Pharma giants explore more options and found effective treatments against Hepatitis C which are not just effective, but also are without side-effects. One of the most used Hepatitis C treatments that we have today is Harvoni®.

What is Harvoni®?

An effective drug against Hepatitis C, Harvoni® contains the combination of sofosbuvir and ledipasvir. The pill has been found to work against genotype 1 or genotype 4 and chronic hepatitis C. Trial results suggested that Harvoni® is not just an effective drug to treat these Hepatitis C types, but also comes with minimal side-effects.

Further researches on Harvoni® also found the drug effective against genotype 3. They also indicated that patients with the disease’s later stage could also do better if ribavirin is added in their treatment. A complete course of Harvoni® could reduce the chances of getting serious issues, such as live damage and liver cancer.

Treatment with Harvoni®

Harvoni® is a combination of two drugs that target HCV and blocks the polymerase enzyme to stop the virus from spreading. Although Harvoni® has completely transformed the way Hepatitis C was treated a few years ago, patients should take it carefully. Here are important things to remember while considering Hepatitis C treatment with Harvoni®:

  • Harvoni® should be taken before consulting a doctor, or Hepatitis C expert. Only a specialist can determine the process of Hepatitis C treatment and its length. In most cases the treatment takes 12 weeks, but in some cases, it could extend to 24 weeks or may shrink to eight weeks. Only an expert could tell about the right time to start and stop the treatment with Harvoni®.
  • Hepatitis C patients who had a liver transplant in the past, or are living with cirrhosis, are generally advised to add ribavirin while taking recommended. But this could be decided after consulting a Hepatitis C specialist.
  • Pregnant ladies who have Hepatitis C should also talk to a specialist before starting the treatment of their disease.
  • In some cases, Harvoni® may cause side-effects; so it is important to take all precautions. Here, advice from a specialist is important.
  • Treatment depends on Hepatitis C genotype. Patients who don’t have genotype 1, 4, 5, or 6 are asked to follow other treatment options.
  • After recommendation from a specialist, take Harvoni® as guided. Don’t change the dosage before consulting your doctor.

Travel India for Hepatitis C treatment with Harvoni®

As Hepatitis C has attacked every region of the globe, it has many patients who are struggling to get effective treatments. Many developed nations have given access to their Hepatitis C patients to get Harvoni® and treat their infection, but in most places, the drug is expensive. In some countries it is so costly that people are avoiding taking the medicine. But they have an alternative: India. The South Asian nation has Harvoni® available at cheaper rates than other nations, thanks to many of its pharmaceuticals companies that are licensed to develop generic Harvoni® and low income in the country.

Many developed nations, like the US, has 12-week treatment cost with Harvoni® of more than $80,000, while the course cost just around $1,000 in India.

Reach India via medical tourism

High-tech medical services and Harvoni® at cost-effective prices make India a fantastic place to treat a disease like Hepatitis C, but it is not easy to reach the South Asian country and find a valuable treatment source, especially for a patient. The best way to reach India is through a medical tourism company. Such a service provider not just makes it easy for a patient to reach medical destination, but also arranges meetings with Hepatitis C specialist and takes them a resource from where they could buy Harvoni® at cost-effective prices.

Before getting services of a medical tourism company, a patient must ensure than the company is registered with Medical Tourism Association (MTA). In addition, they should check what kinds of packages the company is providing and their services will save money even while travelling to India.

Travel through Surcation®

Surcation® is a certified medical tourism company that takes patients to locations where they could treat their diseases at cost-effective prices. Patients of Hepatitis C can use the company’s travel services to reach India, find a specialist on Hepatitis C, and generic Harvoni® sellers. Experienced staff of the company works to provide high quality and low cost medical treatment solutions to patients of Hepatitis C. The company not just offers effective tourism services, but also provides exiting packages and deals.

Surcation® – Medical tourism package to India for Hepatitis C treatment

Surcation® offers a 7-day package which includes many tourism services. Some of them are:

  • A medical travel trip will start from your country, if it is the US, Canada or any other Latin American nation, and take you to India’s Mumbai city. Before starting the journey, the patient and someone travelling with them should have passports and Indian Tourist Visa. The company also helps in obtaining such things prior to the trip.
  • The company will provide services to take patient from the airport to their suite hotel in India. In addition, the company will arrange meetings with Hepatitis C specialist. All these processes are a part of the package.
  • After prescription from the doctor, the company helps the patient in getting medicines for 12 weeks. The company ensures that the Harvoni® is available at inexpensive prices.
  • After all the process, the company takes the patient back to the hospital and arranges return flight.
  • Surcation® also takes patients on a medical adventure if they want. It arranges sources to take patients to some of the most exotic locations in India.
  • The company also takes care of patient’s every need and meals.

Surcation®- Medical tourism package price

If the traveler is a Hepatitis C patient- $5,200
If someone is also traveling with patient- $6,400

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