Buy Generic Harvoni® Online From India

Buy Generic Harvoni® Online From India

Act Smart, Buy Generic Harvoni® From India

Harvoni® ‘The Magical Drug’
sofosbuvir / ledipasvir (Harvoni®) is a latest medicine approved for the treatment of patients suffering from genotype 1 and 4 chronic hepatitis C. It is the first FDA-approved scheme that doctors can prescribe in the absence of treatment with ribavirin or interferon. According to research studies, besides being highly efficient the medicine possesses relatively low toxicity. Your search ends at Harvoni®, if you want to get rid of hepatitis C once and for all. Harvoni® is very costly in most parts of the world thus buy generic Harvoni® online from India.

Why India For Harvoni®


  • Generic Harvoni® is available in the US for $95,000, but you can get the same at quite cheaper rates in India: only for $1495. Most people buy generic Harvoni® online from India and offline too.
  • Since 1983, India has been mass producing generic pharmaceuticals for the world.
  • It supplies 50% of all generics to the people in America.

You can buy generic Harvoni® online from India, but it has both pros and cons. Besides, buying it online, there are many handsome deals that you can avail. In the present era, medical tourism is giving hope to lots of people by offering quality treatments, inexpensive healthcare and wellness.

Medical Tourism Giving Hope To Many

Medical tourism in India is an emerging concept. In India healthcare is the developing area with availability of medical treatments at quite affordable rates, in fact lowest in Asia. However the techniques in hospitals here are most up-to-date and advanced. In the nutshell, medical tourism here is like a win-win situation, embracing compact costs, availability of latest medical technology, and increasing fulfillment of worldwide excellence standards.

Opt For Surcation®

Surcation® is one of the companies dealing in medical tourism. With an aim to take healthcare to the next level, the medical tourism company makes sure that the quality of healthcare isn’t compromised and the price it offers is reasonable. It offers a handsome 7 day Hepatitis C Medical Tourism Package in India. As part of this package, you can travel to India and avail health changing medication.

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