Affordable Hepatitis C drugs From India

Affordable Hepatitis C drugs From India

Hepatitis C drugs From India

When Almighty created humans, he must have been in some cheerful mood, but when he created their destiny, the game was not fair enough. He made our short life, maybe because he wanted to teach us how little things can be important in life. With the budding of high-speed modern civilization, the atmosphere is always in the grip of noxious illness and fatal diseases. Amidst those, the most recent fatal disease Hepatitis C is hovering over India as well as abroad.

According to WHO reports, approximately 7,80,000 people are dying from this dreadful Hepatitis C or Hepatocellular Carcinoma which is spreading far and wide.
This virus (HEPATITIS C) can cause progressive liver damage, also increases the likelihood of developing liver cancer or Cirrhosis. Since it is a blood borne infirmity, Hepatitis C, generally spread through sharing needles or receiving blood transfusions, but the most pathetic subject is its incurable remedies.

After years of research, finally, medical science came up with a pill called SOFOSBUVIR (brand name: Sovaldi) which completely cures the disease over a twelve week period. And it is more effective when combined with a newer drug Ledipasvir, a drug patented as HARVONI®. But the treatment is unreasonably overpriced for the 99% sufferers and ended up with a number of side effects like psychological problems, nausea, and liver damage and so on.

The medical experts from all over the globe assembled together to formulate something with fewer side effects, affordable and that cures Hepatitis C. During a three-day conference, in India, organized by Institute of liver and Bellary sciences (ILBS) and the Asia Pacific Association for the study of Liver (APASL), the experts resolved the solution of Hepatitis C treatment which the World Health Organization (WHO) has termed as a major global health problem.
Hepatitis C virus is a hushed slaughter for human life and cannot be detected easily. However, with the launch of these two new drugs, victims of Hepatitis C can finally live their lives and fulfill their worldly duties. Due to the poor pharmaceutical laws and policies, these life-saving drugs were initially available in the foreign countries, but in lieu of affordable, high rate 90% people were abstaining from their benefits.

According to the recent medical survey, average income in India is approximate $616 and the expense for the treatment of Hepatitis C is approximate $1210. But with the formulation these new drugs which are 300% cheaper as compared to the foreign countries, Hepatitis C treatments are finally possible in India.

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