Affordable assisted care Mexico

Affordable assisted care Mexico



Mexico – a country in the North American continent is bordered on three sides by water bodies namely the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico and by the United States of America to the North. The culture in Mexico is highly different from that of the United States as well as Canada. This is a place where the elders are living with or near families unlike other western countries. Elderly people are respected and regarded as their own in this country. The climatic conditions, wholesome food and caring people are other positive factors of this American country. The climate and the people help to make living in this country a more comfortable experience and thus turning it into the retirement destination of several Americans.

This lower cost destination is attracting retired people with its growing number assisted living facilities and nursing care centres. Many of these homes offer affordable and high quality care and living. In the other American nations the cost of living in such facilities seems to be expensive and is priced at around $3500 or so. But because of the federal programs offered by the Government of Mexico, the prices seem to be lesser by around 50% in comparison to the cost of nursing care facilities of the other American nations. They are priced at feasible costs of around $1000 to $1700 and make it easy, for those living under retirement benefits, to afford to pay and enjoy the facilities. This place would be an apt choice because their culture calls for respect to the elderly.

There are companies like SURCATION® who are ready to help in arranging all the requirements right from travel tickets, visa to setting up the right choice of homes for the retired couple for the payment of a specific fee.

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